100 days of code completed!

challenge done!

Post created on: 5/3/2021

Today is 3rd May early May Bank Holiday and it is the final day of my first 100 days of code challenge. Overall it's been a positive experience and has gotten me back into a regular learning routine again which I've struggled with for the last few months. I did struggle for a couple of weeks when work was very busy and didn't manage to get the whole hour done, but I did do a little bit every day.

I've learnt some new things and refreshed on a few things, but I need to practice a few things including css grid as I don't feel completely comfortable with it yet as well as practicing with APIs. I think I need to do some reading up on MDN to start with and try and build a few things.

I had hoped to finish my JS course but I did switch between a few different things (as I tend to do..) including JavaScript, Vue/Nuxt and started learning about PWAs but having gotten through part of the course I've realised that I need to solidify my JS knowledge before finishing that course.

If I were to do it again I would perhaps put together a better plan on what I want to learn/refresh with a few ideas of things to build, as this time round I did switch between a few different things with my js course, a nuxt course and various Vue courses on Vue Mastery including learning about vuetify.

In conclusion I'm glad I have completed the challenge and would do it again (but maybe not for a while :)) but would have more of a plan of what I want to go through.