100 Days of Code update

update on how the challenge is going so far

Post created on: 2/21/2021

Today (21st February 2021) was day 29 I'm surprised I've managed to get this far into it without missing a day admittedly some days have been better than others. I'm keeping up with my daily posts on Instagram to document some of what I have been looking/working on as well as blog posts and some physical notes on paper which I feel do help me retain some information better.

The hardest thing I've found in terms of learning so far has definitely been recursion I partially understand the theory, but the why and how of using iu goes over my head. One day the penny will drop, but so far struggling to fully grasp it. Otherwise, it's been pretty good most days I've been working my way through the FCC curriculum some of which has been refreshing some things such as flexbox and learning some new things e.g. Object.keys() and Object.freeze().

The best thing has been it has helped me get into a routine again of learning little things here and there and some structure of doing at the same time every day at least during the week has helped a lot as well as doing a few basic challenges on a couple of sites like codewars and edabit(note this one has a trial period which is not clear) to try and apply what I have learnt sometimes successfully sometimes not.

Today I've been playing around with gulp again and thinking about using it for (yet) another idea I have with the thought of perhaps building it as a PWA as a way of trying something new but I'm not 100% sure yet.

Onto day 30 and some more attempts at algorithm scripting tomorrow...