An Update

Post created on: 6/24/2017

A small update as a result of work being a little bit stressful recently I have not done as much learning as I would have perhaps otherwise done as I've found myself lacking a bit of motivation and desire the past few weeks. The weather has been gloriously sunny I decided to go and enjoy it rather than being stuck indoors although today is rather overcast leaving me with rather more of an inclination to stay indoors.

Admittedly I've not done a lot of coding but I have a small amount of reading and have also bought a coding bundle deal with videos ranging from HTML5 and JavaScript and jQuery to MongoDB and APIs. In addition to that also have a couple of course on linux from learning to use it to linux adminstration simply because it is something I am keen to learn more about. (If I ever manage to successfully install Wine, so I could use Steam and Origin games on linux I would probably stop using windows altogether but I have yet to successfully do that).

Now whether or not I get round to actually completely all of that is another matter entirely but I'm always keen to learn something new even if the likelihood of using it in projects is probably slim... (you never know after all).