nearing xmas

Post created on: 12/17/2017

So as usual its been a little while since my last post. Since my last update I have reactivated my Treehouse, I am continuing with the beginner JavaScript track to see how much I have taken in and the updates since I last logged in.

I am currently refreshing the basics of ES6 syntax including using const variableName and let instead of var depending on whether you wish to update or reassign a variable and arrow function syntax for example const sayName = () => { //do something; }.

I have also signed up to another Wes Bos course to learn NodeJS which I will take at some point next year as well as finishing the JS30 course. At the moment I am attempting to refresh my current JavaScript skills and learn some more as mentioned around ES6 syntax and more advanced JS.

I have also bought some ebooks from A Book Apart these are:

* Accessibility for Everyone
* Just Enough Research
* New CSS Layout - to help me learn about CSS Grid
* Responsive Design: Patterns and Principles

These are to help me learn more about accessibility, layout and more general knowledge around web development and coding.