Progress in 2018

Post created on: 1/21/2018

I have recently gone back to a site I started as a side project approximately 18 months ago to learn a bit more abuot design and coding. It turned into a bigger project that I originally though and having realised my skills were not up to scratch I dropped it and hadn't thought about it since until the New Year.

I've kept some of the original pages I built, but I think I'm going to go to delete then and start afresh. I want to think a bit more about design to perhaps make it a bit more interesting.

I have set it up locally using gulp and browserSync to automatically reload the browser when I make any changes which will save a lot of time in the long run. I eventually when the site has a bit more substance to upload it to Digital Ocean. I signed up for wes bos course and received some credit for Digital Ocean hosting so I figured why not give it a try. Their docs are very good and have dabbled a bit as it requires you to setup well pretty else everything, but will look into this more when the time comes.

Also realised I need to get to grips with Bootstrap a bit more as it is used a lot at work and I have only scratched the surface of being able to use it.

There should be another post before the end of the month in my attempt to keep on track... Maybe I should set myself a reminder on my phone I might actually rememeber then...