Bootstrap Progress

Post created on: 2/11/2018

Recently I have made a conscious effort to try and get to grips with Bootstrap using both Treehouse and Udemy with a couple of courses I was signed up for. I think I am beginning to get the hang of it with practice and the very good documentation around it all.

So far I have learnt a bit about the overall grid and how that worksm the navbar examples and a bit about forms and how part of JavaScript included allows you to do some cool stuff.

I have debated rebuilding a site I started a while ago using bootstrap just for practice, but the other site I'm currently on is going to be built/rebuilt probably using grid I did start with flexbox particularly for the navigation.

I have also gone back to another little JavaScript idea I had a few months ago still don't know how to get it working the way I want so I think some practice and reading is required... I might get there eventually.