Finally put an SSD in laptop

Post created on: 3/18/2018

So I finally, finally managed to put an SSD in my MSI laptop; but what a pain it was. The actual part of removing the old HDD and adding the SSD was easy however trying to remove the case was a nightmare.

Firstly as there is no access panel I had remove all of the screws all 12 of them... once this was done also removed the cd drive again straightforward. The difficult part was removing the casing turns out there are clips you have to get under it took me the best part of half an hour to finally manage to do this as I didn't want to accidentally break anything.

Eventually I managed to get the casing off undid a couple of screws holding the HDD in, removed the hdd and replaced with SSD clipped the casing back on put the numerous screws back in and booted and SUCCESS!

Now to reinstall linux do some updates and reinstall the programs I had on there... All in all a successful afternoon now I might do some coding (after the football has finished)...