4 Day Weekend

Post created on: 4/2/2018

I took the opportunity to do very little on Friday after a couple of busy weeks at work I needed a break from it all.

This week I briefly switched to the WordPress beginner track on Treehouse to learn a bit more about how it works, what the user roles are and where to find themes and how to install them. WordPress is something I would like to learn so this is a step in the right direction. I do plan to switch to and complete the WordPress development track too but this is further down the line.

In terms of JS learning done very little this week I did try briefly earlier in the week but was tired and to be honest just wanted a break of coding for a bit as much as I want to get better a break is sometimes necessary. I did attempt to try and learn more about Regular Expressions I sort of understand them but struggling to get to grips with them at the moment I'm hopeful the penny will drop soon.

I'm hoping to complete the Ajax basics course in the next week depending how work goes and how I feel afterwards.