JavaScript and Electron

Post created on: 4/8/2018

So I have yet to finish the AJAX Basics course I had hoped to finish last week. Work has been busy and last week felt like a very long week despite it only being a four day week.

Consequently done very little work at home in last week or so. I have reinstalled electron on both my laptop and desktop (Linux). I don't use Windows a lot for coding but have used it to setup a local wordpress install to get to grips with the basics setup purely for the ease of setup with MAMP.

I'm not entirely sure what I am going to build with electron currently just having a play about with it refreshing how to select and modify elements with JS using the likes of document.querySelector('el');.

I have found a couple of videos on Treehouse about Regular Expressions which I hope to learn a bit more about and practice with starting with some form validation.

This afternoon I have had a play with electron, written this blog post and done a bit (not a lot) more work with my portfolio. I think I may start again do some sketches and think about a colour scheme. And once I have completed the Wes Bos CSS Grid course perhaps build using both flexbox and grid.

I have setup FTP for my portfolio site and will read the docs again for setting up hosting with Digital Ocean as looking to setup a wordpress install and build a site which I am practicing with local setup at moment. But I think this will a little bit further down the line I want to concentrate on JavaScript first before switching to learning some PHP to enable me to experiment with wordpress particularly around theme development.