JavaScript and Wordpress

Post created on: 4/21/2018

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post. I have been keeping my personal journal going and posting updates of progress on instagram. I think it has been helping. SO what have I been doing since I last posted well... I have attempted to learn a bit more about Regular Expressions in JavaScript and have completed the first part of the course I found on Treehouse.

I have started the next section of AJAX basics course and learnt how much simpler it is with jQuery converting several lines into one with the .ajax() method so I feel like I am slowly getting to grips with it but as always more to learn.

I have also setup another local WordPress instance on laptop for a different site idea I have. It did require some googling to figure out how to find the root password create the database and then assign the relevant permissions to my user account.

Today I have setup a WordPress site on my hosting to practice with as I am keen to learn more about it and how to build and customise sites with it. I'm always looking to learn more and progress my skills and WordPress seems a good place to do that.