Post created on: 5/28/2018

So much for posting regularly... that has gone out of the window again lately. Not quite sure how it ended up being a month since my last post... really must get better at that.

I have found some practice workshops on Treehouse some of which I have completed I'm going to make my way through the rest of them in the next week or so to see how much I have retained from the JavaScript courses I So I was on holiday for a week and did no coding during the time it was good to have a break from code. have completed so far. I have realised I need to go back and do a refresh on the DOM traversal module with the likes of .previousElementSibling and .firstElementChild which admittedly I did last look at probably the best part of a year ago.

Elsewhere I am learning a bit about mjml framework to help build fully responsive HTML emails meaning the structure will also work on Android. I have downloaded the app to have a go with as since updating to version 4 the watch command no longer works on cli hoping it will be fixed with the next release.

In terms of my side projects not a lot has been done recently with work being busy and then being on holiday the week before last. I am intending to put any wordpress sites on the back burner to focus on my other projects notably my architecture site. Starting with some further research and then looking at styling and learning some more about sass to use with it. Hopefully I'll remember to post an update on this in the next week or so.