Learning and improving

Post created on: 6/23/2018

A couple of weeks since my last post what I have learnt well my JavaScript skills do seem to be improving and if I don't know how to do something I have a better idea of where to go for help (or ask the guys at work....).

I've done a little bit more on ES2015 intro course on Treehouse refreshing my knowledge of arrow functions (I do love these so much neater and easier than having to write function keyword all the time).

I started the next stage of JS Learning Path work setup for those looking to improve our JS skills. This task involves learning a bit about AJAX/JSON and NodeJS (the latter I know very little about just how to install it to use npm) but it is something I am keen to learn and understand.

Yesterday/today I learnt how to use fs to write to a file and how to get XMLHttpRequest to work with NodeJS as it isn't natively supported so I've learnt something today which is always a good day. Also spent some time in a coffee shop thinking/researching about and putting together some ideas around my personal projects and how some of the things I have learnt I can use in them starting with sass and maybe some js further down the line.

Until next time...