Learning and improving

Post created on: 11/4/2018

It's November Halloween is over and it will be Christmas before we know it. I have not posted in a while as work has been busy and although I have kept my journal entries up to date (fairly regularly) the blog has been neglected.

I have this week signed up to Todoist after being recommended by a colleague to set myself some tasks to do every week such as documenting my progress (or maybe lack of if work is busy) on here and keeping on with writing my journal entries.

What have I learnt recently well I did start a Node course on udemy as I would like to learn some backend as well as frontend coding skills. Currently I am learning Vuejs I started with vueschool fundamentals however struggled a little bit with the pace of and I don't feel I got as much out of it as I could have. I have also been watching some videos on laracast so I have picked up a few things such as v:bind and v-model for two way binding and fact it is a reactive framework meaning it will automatically update to reflect changes.

After payday on Wednesday I bought myself a vuejs course on udemy and I am really enjoying so far and feel I am learning more. It is a very detailed course going from the basics through to components to using the vure router and vuex for creating SPAs. I have a lot to get through but I am enjoying it so far.

Until next week...(going to keep it going this time)