An update in less than a week

Post created on: 11/12/2018

Another update that isn't months in the planning(!)....

Originally was going yto be an update yesterday but I was away for the football its Monday instead. This is a quick update as I have not done much since my last update except read through some more for the vuejs documentation including an app so I can access it on the go if I want to. I'm still struggling a little bit with the CSS styling stuff so I think I will watch the videos again and just practice a bit more until it goes in fully.

I've not done much on any personal projects however I have gone through my codepen and created some collections to try and get some order to the little snippets I have created. I have also set myself a little challenge to try and recreate some navigation bars I found in an image when clearing out my hard drive using just HTML and CSS.

So that is ongoing until I finish them in a couple of weeks. There will be an update to this next time round with at least one of them completed this weekend.

Until next time....