A quick update

Post created on: 11/25/2018

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post as I feel terrible last week but I'm almost finally over the cold and sore thorat I had with bit of cough still remaining but otherwise I'm good to my normal self.

So what I have been working on well a bit more on my Vue course on udemy slowly working my way through it and beginning to understand it. I'm going to finish conditionals and rendering lists module and have a go at the assignment to see how I get on and how much of it I can remember. I think I have managed to complete the final section of the JS Learning Path set by our tech lead at work although I've not done the bonus section as not sure I've learnt enough about that yet.

I have also decided to slightly overhaul this blog and instead of having my portfolio and blog as separate entities combine them into one and as sass is included by default I can still use the scss format I was using in my portfolio. So I have setup custom domain although it doesn't work with https:// and I'm not sure why I must have setup something wrong but I'm not sure what it is. Something for me to read up on later as I need to know to how a bit more and I followed the instructions on github site so not sure what has gone wrong.

Some for me to try and figure out so until next time...