More VueJS

Post created on: 12/2/2018

Today I've finished the next module on my VueJS course which was a project building a game admittedly I did start on my own with creating the variables but the logic at times did get a bit complicated at times and my understanding of VueJS is in the early stages and JavaScript generally does need to be better, but as I don;t use it every day like everything if you do/use it enough you will forget it.

I also completed the 2nd navigation of my series of 7 from the image I found on my hard drive so making reasonable progress on those although not as far as I had hoped to be by this stage. I am making a start on the third one and hope to have that finished by Friday if not earlier need to make the effort.

Also thinking about going back to my Quizzy Electron Based App kind of been put on hold while I'm attempting to learn vue as well as moving one of my projects from bitbucket to github... as looking at projects and I can create project folder on github so might be worth moving at a project across although I've not yet made up my mind.

On a separate note a great couple of Derby games in the football today. I watched the 2nd half of a great North London derby in which Arsenal won 4-2 after being 2-1 down at HT. It was a proper derby and there was a red card with Vertoghen sent off for two yellow cards but fully deserved for Arsenal they were great in the seocn dhalf 2 goals in 2 manic minutes won it for them.

Our merseyside derby however was a different story we were even matched throughout the match. 0-0 at HT although no-one was quite sure how as both teams as had chances we were wasteful Mane could have ended up with a hat-trick. In the end we won it in 96th minute a header by Origi (remember him? I think most fans had forgotten about him too...) after an absolute clanger from Jordan I won't take risks Pickford which was brilliant. After he came out with that following Alisson mistake against Leicester earlier in the season. That is what they call karma.

Until next time....