JavaScript and Vue

Post created on: 12/14/2018

A short entry this time as work has picked up a little so I've not done much more on learning Vue.

This week has been a bit quieter as I've done more reading than coding. I have been reading up on and experimenting a bit with Bootstrap-Vue. I've dabbled a bit more with Vue but I have realised since starting the course I need to go back over array methods again as I've forgotten many of them and their use cases. So I'm going to attempt to build a little reference page to explain what each of the methods are.

As always I just need more practice with JavaScript I just need to practice more so it becomes as natural and/or easy as writing some CSS. Hoping to get there one day I definitely feel as though I've gotten better at JavaScript I just need to apply with I've learnt so that it goes in...

I've also had a look at the vue-cli as I'm thinking of restarting my quiz app rather than just using electron as it has become a mess and I'm struggling to get it to do what I want using electron with the vue-cli or maybe just the vue-cli and dropping electron altogether I'm currently undecided on that.

I'm hoping to get a little bit more done on vue and my little array helper app before we finish for Christmas next Friday as although I have the intention to perhaps do a bit of coding over the Christmas period its unlikely to happen with all the usual chaos going on. We'll see...