2019 Update

Post created on: 3/3/2019

It's been a fairly busy start to the eyar (given the lack of updates again...)

I've managed to do a little bit more on my array-helper app using the vue-cli and settled on a layout but not sure how to get examples into it yet something to try and figure out.

I have converted my design-history website project to using webpack as I learnt some webpack as a result of wanting to understand what the vue-cli is doing under the hood. I can see why people like it and Webpack 4 can be setup without a config file but it makes to config it for your own individual setup. I have also done some research for my architecture project which may one day see the light of day.

I am going through some of my older udemy courses and doing bits and pieces of them. I need to learn more about ES6 (and use it more so I don't forget!) I have a list of things to try adn get through this year. I am going focusing more on front-end stuff but I am also working with nodejs and later on this year will go through the nodejs course I have on udemy.

This year my main focuses are on JS, CSS grid and more advanced CSS/Sass. Hoepfully learning more of this will give me the opportunity to finish a couple of side projects.