An overdue update

Post created on: 5/27/2019

As it has been a while (over 2 months..) since my last update this could be a longer than usual post. So what have I been upto? Well several things (as usual) I have found a course on Node and I have bought and started a course on ES6 from Wes Bos here. I need to learn more vanilla JS and it makes sense to learn some more up to date syntax and once I have gotten a greater understanding of this it will help me pick up any frameworks I wish to learn. I have started with Vue and Vue-cli and hope to one day learn some React to compare them and increase my understanding of the JS ecosystem which is ever evolving and growing.

I have learnt about and currently building a page with JS classes and have also learnt a bit about local and session storage to store information. I have a separate page attempting to use the Fetch API which I'm failing at I think I'm using Fetch correctly but its my JSON I think I'm struggling more with so I need to do some more work on this.

I'm looking to learn CSS grid properly too will look at completing the CSS grid course I started last year in the next couple of months I know some basics but not enough to use without reading up on it.

I'm keen to build something with Node and Express a framework built on top of Node maybe a simple site or app with a Vue front end not quite sure yet.

Once I've done some of these or completed a side project/idea I will post again.