Moving to Gridsome

Post created on: 10/6/2019

My first post in a while I've gotten out of the habit but am trying to get back into posting more often which will probably be doing the weekend. I've been spending some time on pluralsight I've signed up for the year after there was discount offer and I am currently making my way slowly through the Vue path.

I have also moved my blog from jekyll and Github pages to Gridsome which uses GraphQL which admittedly I know nothing about so using the tutorials to show my posts and will look further into it if needed later on. I am currently hosting this on Netlify which is very easy to setup via a git repo from Github, Gitlab or bitbucket.

I'm going to be spending some time in next couple of weeks to get it going and read up on netlify to see what other functionality it offers and hopefully finish the next section of my Vue course on pluralsight.

Until next time.