Another look at Gatsby

Post created on: 6/14/2020

Having finished my electron course a couple of days ago (I plan to build something with it once I learn a bit more both about it and JS frameworks to combine the two for a project I've not quiet decided on yet) I've debated about a site about and whether to use something Vue-based e.g. Gridsome or Nuxt or something React-based e.g. Gatsby I was leaning more towards the Vue ecosystem simply because I know more about it then I do React, however I've dabbled with Gatsby and it is a mature product than Gridsome.

I found a recommended udemy course with a number of different projects I thought why not? give it a go and more of an idea of the different sites/projects people have created with it given the starters using everything from bootstrap or tailwind for styling and the likes of netlifyCMS, forestry or strapi as a CMS. One of the sites I am currently building is configured with Forestry and my own site although using Gridsome using netlifyCMS.

I'm currently working my way through the first section which is learning about how gatsby works, the different options for styling etc