2021 Goals

Review of 2020 goals and set some for 2021

Post created on: 1/17/2021

These are the goals I set for 2020:

  • go through Wes Bos CSS grid course again one weekend I've learnt the basics of CSS grid but don't feel as confident with it as I do with flexbox yet
  • finish modern JavaScript udemy course
  • finish all the challenges on the frontend mentors site
  • finish my vue udemy course and go through all the assignments
  • have a fully working of my coffee-matcher app
  • style my blog/portfolio with tailwind CSS and add some projects to it
  • attempt to learn more about accessibility
  1. CSS grid course - I didn't go through the CSS Grid course again however I have used more and know more about it so I partially achieved this goal.
  2. finish the course I did most of this with the exception of one of the projects so I did not achieve this one
  3. Finish all the free challenges - probably a bit ambitious this one but I did complete quite a few and have started another - so partially achieved with more to do this year.
  4. This was also probably too ambitious I did get more than halfway through this (I probably could have finished, but it was a struggle at times) it has since been updated to Vue 3 so I will go through this at some point.
  5. I have a partially working version with some basic logic setup.
  6. I moved from Gridsome to another Vue-based framework Nuxt and set up my blog, written some posts and add projects to the site - goal achieved!
  7. I did start to learn a bit about accessibility starting with colour contrast font-sizes using the axe and wave plugin browsers to give more information.

Goals for 2021

  • Work my way through the FCC curriculum particularly the JS section.
  • Work on Mastering Nuxt course - videos are being regularly released and need to keep up with these.
  • Write more CSS in most of my projects I tend to reach for Bootstrap or Tailwind and learn some more sass (I know some basics).
  • Get back into regular blogging I stopped towards the end of the year and need to start posting regularly again even if I don't finish them write a starting post which I can then review and add to as I feel necessary.