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Post created on: 6/2/2022

I came across Frontend Mentor a couple of years ago possibly via twitter I can't remember when looking for potential coding challenge ideas. As I am not a designer I've found this site particularly useful as it provides a mobile and desktop design and a style guide detailing colours and typography.

The challenges vary from newbie for those just starting out with coding to advanced using APIs so far I have completed some challenges ranging from newbie to intermediate and I will attempt some of the more advanced challenges once I feel more confident in my javascript. I have learnt to think mobile first and learnt more about CSS grid and have used some SCSS in most of my projects.

I'm currently working on a couple of challenges including the space tourism multi page website which I intend to create two versions. One using the base HTML as initially provided and one using vue so I take advantages of using single file components (SFCs) and breaking the site down into individual components and make things more granular and reusable. There is an associated course on scrimba I will take a look at to see the approach that has been taken and compare to how I have approached it.

All of my completed and in progress challenges are hosted on github and deployed on vercel, but there are several alternatives available including netlify.

If you are looking to develop your frontend skills or simply practice some challenges I'd highly recommend frontend mentors so check out the site ans try out some of the challenges.