Getting start with Nuxt 3

vue based framework

Post created on: 8/30/2022

Since the Nuxt 3 beta was announced late last year I have been interested in seeing how it differs from Nuxt 2 as it is a rewrite using a different engine, a new CLI and a new Composition API although the original options API from Vue 2 will still work. I've liked Nuxt since I first learnt about it a couple of years ago so much so I migrated my site from Gridsome to it especially when the nuxt content module came out which made writing blog posts even easier.

I've dabbled with the basics reading through the docs and completing the Nuxt 3 essentials course on Vue Mastery. It is currently in RC mode with a stable release due soon (Summer 2022 according to the roadmap) there are a few key modules which currently it such as tailwindcss, content v2 (I currently use v1 with my site) and pinia (replacing vuex) among others.

When the stable release is released I will likely look to move my site from nuxt 2 to 3 in the meantime I'm looking at building a project with it to experiment with nuxt content v2 as there are a few different options I'm keen to try out.

With my limited knowledge/use of it so far Nuxt 3 looks great I'm looking forward to using and learning more about it.