Codecademy Update

An update on progress so far

Post created on: 4/15/2023

A short post to update in my progress through Codecademy web dev path. Starting on the long Easter weekend I have made progress on the Web Development skill path working my way through HTML, CSS and starting with JavaScript. Some of it has been refreshing what I learnt a while ago particularly with JavaScript. I need to build some projects to showcase what I have learnt and put on my website.

  1. Learn HTML - complete
  2. Styling a Website - complete
  3. Getting Started with JavaScript - complete
  4. Getting More Advanced with Design - complete
  5. JavaScript: Arrays, Loops, and Objects - 75% complete
  6. Building Interactive JavaScript Websites
  7. Intermediate JavaScript
  8. Learn the Command Line
  9. Learn Git & GitHub - started WIP
  10. Building Front-end Applications with React
  11. JavaScript Back-End Development
  12. SQL and Databases for Web Development
  13. Building a Persistent API
  14. Test-Driven Development with JavaScript

Full Stack path covers the following much of which links in with the web development path listed above.

  • Web Development Foundations - partially complete WIP
  • Building Interactive Websites - partially complete WIP
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Interview Prep

I'm aiming to post an update once a week on how progress I have (or haven't) made working through these paths, but so far so good I think I need to think of some ideas to reinforce the JS I've learnt so far especially around objects.