Halfway through 100 days of code

50 days in...

Post created on: 3/14/2021

Today Sunday 14th March 2021 marks the halfway point for me in the 100 days of code challenge I'm slightly surprised I managed to get this far but I've gotten into a routine of doing a little bit every day sometimes only 15-30mins but it all counts towards the challenge as I've been doing something every day.

My thoughts so far? Overall it's been good and has helped certainly helped me get into a routine of little and often rather than doing larger sessions which I tended to do (and sometimes still do) and that often breaking it down into smaller parts can be more productive.

I've been working through the FreeCodeCamp curriculum going through Responsive Web Design certification and am working on the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures so far I have completed basic JS, ES6, regular expressions (need more practice with these), some basic debugging methods, basic data structures (arrays and objects and some basic methods you can use on them), and basic algorithm scripting (again more practice needed, but I have an idea of how to approach them at least).

In addition, I've learnt a bit about OOP or Object Orientated Programming such as how to add methods and how prototypes work and Functional Programming e.g. using methods like filter and map that do not mutate the original array up next is the Intermediate Algorithm Scripting section which have looked at some of the challenges I think to go over some more JS stuff first because I've no idea how to approach some of the challenges..

I have also bought a couple of udemy courses one based on the recommendation of a colleague Complete JavaScript Course as well as this one on PWAs something I've learnt a bit about recently and am keen to have a go at building one. Before the end of the challenge, I will complete the PWA one and hope to complete the JS course it's what I'm aiming for so all being well they will both be finished. Then I will go back to Vue Mastery and look to improve my Vue knowledge.