Getting into a routine (again)

I've found it a struggle to get back into things

Post created on: 4/8/2023

In order to try and get back into a coding/learning routine again I have signed up for codecademy pro trial as it is a more structured path to guide me through the various skills needed for modern web development.

I'm currently working my way through the JavaScript fundamentals section and I have started on the Web Development Skill Path and then the Full Stack Engineer Career Path. This goes through the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript before then getting into more frontend and backend

  1. Learn HTML
  2. Styling a Website
  3. Getting Started with JavaScript
  4. Getting More Advanced with Design
  5. JavaScript: Arrays, Loops, and Objects
  6. Building Interactive JavaScript Websites
  7. Intermediate JavaScript
  8. Learn the Command Line
  9. Learn Git & GitHub
  10. Building Front-end Applications with React
  11. JavaScript Back-End Development
  12. SQL and Databases for Web Development
  13. Building a Persistent API
  14. Test-Driven Development with JavaScript

Full Stack path covers the following much of which links in with the web development path listed above.

  • Web Development Foundations
  • Building Interactive Websites
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Interview Prep

There is a lot to get through currently just doing a refresh of some fundamentals and trying to come up with some small app ideas.

I have also managed to fix my site and it now deployed successfully after reverting back to a commit I'm still not entirely sure what I did I think it was potentially trying to update yarn and/or node modules which screwed it up.

I do plan on rebuilding my site with Nuxt 3 I'm still deciding what I want to do with it what modules to use? are the ones I'm currently using compatible with nuxt 3? I need to play about with some potential ideas before I decide which way to go with it...