Overdue update

Long overdue post

Post created on: 9/9/2023

I have gone back to vanilla js as I'm very rusty so I am currently working my way through Brad Traversy's modern javascript course I'm currently around 20% of the way through it having just finished the section logic and control flow.

I've been looking at small vue app so I can have something to add to my new website which currently still just has a holding page until I finish a project that I can add to it as an example of my work. I'm currently thinking about a couple of blog posts I could write and thinking of what blog posts I should migrate and displaying all of my blog posts as some of them are from years ago, but I would still like to keep even if I don't display them all.

Once I've gone through some more of the JS course I'll dive back into Vue and Nuxt again and one day I will try React again... That's all for now I'll try and update more regularly than every 3-4 months going forward.