WCAG = Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WAI = Web Accessibility Initiative A11y - look at the A11y project

Web should be accessible to everyone and not all disabilities are visible - making sites more accessible results in benefits to all users

MDN is a good starting point

Some use assistive technologies e.g. screen readers

Key things to look at:

  • access for screen readers
  • ability to tab through app (tabindex)
  • colour contrast

4 principles of accessibility (known as POUR):

  • Perceivable - users must be able to perceive the information presented
  • Operable - User Interface forms, controls and navigation are operable (easy to use)
  • Understandable - information and the User Interface must be understandable to all
  • Robust - (future-proof) users must be able to access content as technology advances and improves

color-oracle to check colour contrast

webAIM colour contrast ratio also one of links

Typography - stick to 1 or 2 font pairings for consistency and to help with load times